We Teach Web Engineering

We consult on web based software for a range of industries. Specialising in highly scalable complex software.

We help teams modernise there practises and designs

Through consulting, teaching and supporting we help teams advice there software skills and show them a range of new practises. We live and breath domain driven design and love helping teams adopt using CQRS and Event Sourcing.

Improve Readability

No smoke and mirrors just simple to read and follow code, we strive to make code as readable as possible. This has the side effort of easier maintenance, reducing cost and time required to add features and fix bugs.

Increase Performance

Slow performing software simple costs you money. Using best practises and benchmarking we can shave off those important milliseconds.

Better Collaboration

We help teams reunite and collaborate on projects together. We implement a system that encourages teams to grow, improve and challenge as one.

We Teach

We teach your programmers on the job how to tackle complex problems, they can then continue the good work