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SmoothPhp Event Sourcing and CQRS

SmoothPhp is the collective name for a set of packages which enables you to use Event Sourcing and CQRS in PHP applications.

Pixelated Crow is the company behind the packages and keeps them up to date by actively using them in internal products. We offer commercial support to business wishing to receive top notch support and advice. However the packages are released under MIT and you are free to use them as you wish.

We officially support Laravel and have our own package for easily implementing in any Laravel project, however we have build in packages in a way you can easier implement you own. The framework free package (CQRS-ES-Framework) contains mostly interfaces and base classes that have only internal dependencies, CQRS-ES-Framework-Laravel package should show you the glue required to build your own


  • CQRS-ES-Framework
  • CQRS-ES-Framework-Laravel
  • QueryBus
  • Laravel Papertrail EventBus Logger

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